Thursday, 12 March 2009

KryKey Entertainment Service (KES) is “Business Music Streaming”

With the imminent release of the new KryKey Entertainment Service (KES) the excitement is building at KryKey HQ.

What is KES?
KryKey Entertainment Service (KES) is a “Business Music Streaming” service that offers a wide range of pre-created Playlists by DJ’s from all over the world which can be selected via a simple internet interface on a computer and is played through your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KES offers reliability, a large choice of music Playlists, simplicity of use, value for money and many unique features to stream music through your business all day every day.

Time Is Important To You
We understand that you don’t want to spend a long time selecting music to play and our 3 click play system will make this one of the easiest and quickest music systems to use. But we have also designed it for you to have more control and more selection if you have more time to spend on KES.

It’s Simple To Use
Once you have signed in, you will be displayed a page that has a selection box which lists Playlists by Areas (reception, pool, etc) and a selection box which displays the Playlist Type (chill out, easy listening, etc). We have also added a ‘quick’ selection box where you can search for a song or an artist/band, play a ‘random’ selection of Playlists (5), be listed the Top 10 Playlists that are being played by everyone on KES, or play the favorite Playlists you have selected.

Lots of Music Choice
Selecting one of the Areas or Types will take you to a page which will list all the available Playlists which are listed in order of the date they were created, with the newer Playlist at the top. You can then select which Playlists you want to play and then click the “Play Selected In Order”, the “Play Selected Randomly” or “Play Favorites” and the music will start playing. We currently have hundreds of Playlists created by some of the best DJ’s in the UK, Europe, Australia and the USA, and we add new Playlists every month. We even provide more details on each Playlist which you will find all the songs in it, the DJ who created it, the country they are from, a description about the Playlist and the duration.

Music Is Important To Your Customers
Whether your customers are in the reception area, walking through the lobby, sitting near the pool, they want to hear the best music you can offer with the widest choice available, and with KES you can do this and play music they enjoy and want to hear.

More Details
If you're a business, and think this would be a great benefit to you, contact us now.

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