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The New York Rap/Hip-Hop Scene

The New York Rap/Hip-Hop Scene
by Machette - 27th March 2009

The Hip-Hop scene in New York is alive and well, although it’s the culture keeping Hip-Hop alive not the music industry. The origins of the culture hailed from the underground independent realm. As people are tiring of hearing the same average 15 songs in the commercial circuit, mixtapes and the underground are keeping the ears of the public satisfied. There are many venues to see up and coming artists share their talent and their dreams. Therefore, the fans have somewhere to go when the industry is looking grim as it is at the moment. New York is one of the few states that has always had the capacity to keep Hip-Hop alive. Good thing the urge to dance will never die. Because aside from all the conspiracy involved in the music business. Music still soothes the savage beast! Covering the New York Rap/Hip-Hop scene wouldn’t be complete without also covering some of the talent in the city, and in this report we have two of the best, Just Will & Anthony Bigs

Just Will is a 33 year old from New York City, USA. He began exploring music at the age of 13 in Brunswick and Brooklyn rapping with his peers and then a few years later attended LaGuardia Community College and enrolled in the Recording Technology Program to progress his skills and knowledge of the music industry. The attendance at LCC gave him the opportunities to do his own thing in Rap, Producing and Developing Artists. He has also used these skills and the knowledge that he has gained to become a co-CEO and partner of Developmental Sounds Labs, which is the home for some of the hottest MC’s and Producers in New York City. You can hear Just Will on WCUT Radio daily.

Anthony Bigs hails from the mean streets of Birmingham England, came to New York and instantly fell in love with the all things music. He began DJing at the age of 14 after watching his brother spin at house Parties in Brooklyn’s Notorious “Pink House Projects”. At 17 he created Renegade Productions which enjoyed several years of controlling dance floors in all 5 boros. Talking to Bigs he said “I had a lot of fun Djing. I wish I had the team I have now back then, we would of have been big, but at the end of the day I aint mad. It was what it was!” Developmental Sound Labs was formed when he met up with Just Will, and they joined creative forces and built the foundation for what was originally just a simple studio which was to focus entirely on making beats and instrumentals but evolved into a full function recording facility with 2 locations. He said “I’ve always wanted to produce and make music and always dreamt of owning a studio. Things just fell together and it was blatantly obvious that we had to keep growing and its snowballing into this huge entity that’s unstoppable right now! I owe this all to my partner Just Will and Waldy (laughing). Were going on two years in a couple of months and it’s been a hell of a ride. I look forward to the future because every day we’re growing more branches and more and more good people are coming into our circle.”

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