Friday, 12 June 2009

KryKey Web Radio Station : Jamaica Bar

The Jamaica Bar Web Radio Station plays Reggae music. This web radio station is owned and operated by an Italian Chef living in Greece!

Reggae is a genre that grew out of several other musical styles, including both traditional Jamaican (Afro-Caribbean) music, including ska and mento, and American R&B. Reggae is characterized by a heavy backbeated rhythm, meaning the emphasis of the beat is on, for example, beats 2 and 4, when in 4/4 time. This backbeat is characteristic of all African-based musics and is not found in traditional European or Asian music. Reggae drummers also emphasize the third beat when in 4/4 time with a kick to the bass drum. Reggae was a precursor not just to the modern Jamaican style of Dub, but to American Ska (think No Doubt, Sublime, Reel Big Fish), Jambands (Donna the Buffalo, The String Cheese Incident) and British reggae-based bands (UB40). Also often ignored is that reggae is the predecessor to Hip-Hop and Rap music, and a very clear line can be drawn between the two.

To listen to Jamaica Bar Web Radio on the KryKey Personal Web Radio Network, go to

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