Wednesday, 10 June 2009

KryKey Web Radio Station : WCUT Radio

WCUT Radio is a web radio station located in New York City USA and it is a web radio station that specializes in playing independent artist music.

They have partnered closely with Developmental Sound Labs to play the music produced in the studios there. We talked to the CEO of WCUT Radio and he told us "we really believe in helping independent artists who have a real trouble getting airplay and support from the music industry as a whole. I have found that unless you bend to the will of the music companies, support, airplay, promotion is non existent, and usualy they (the music companies) want the same sort of music being pumped out at the moment as they just look at the bottom line. WCUT Radio has now been in the number one spot of the KryKey Personal Web Radio Network for over 20 weeks and this is a result of hard work and playing music the people want to hear."

He also told us "we are getting excited about the new version of KryKey which is being launched in July this year, and we can then also offer DJs airtime to play what they want to play. We will also have the ability to play live sessions which will be another bonus for us."

To listen to WCUT Radio go to

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