Thursday, 4 June 2009

KryKey Web Radio Station : World Christian Radio

KryKey Web Radio if you have been reading this weeks Blog has demonstrated that it can and is being used by people to inform others of their religion. Today we look at what someone in Cairns Australia is doing for the Christian faith by broadcasting Christian 'rock' songs.

World Christian Radio (WCR) as it is called has a wide variety of Christian rock songs that are played all day for those of the Christian faith. In fact you dont even have to be a Christian to enjoy these songs as they are generally pleasant songs sung about Jesus and God in some great catchy tunes.

You wont hear any 'hos', 'bitches' 'sexual inuendos' and such like in these songs and some parents might be inclined that their children listen to these instead of some of the current Top 40.

Check it out at

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