Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Different and It's a Good Thing!

KryKey Personal Web Radio version 1.0 Beta is an odd music streaming service. It is unlike Pandora, Last.FM and others as they let a person make a Playlist and then listen to it and also their friends could also listen. It also isn't realtime They suggest music you might like and if you want to buy it you are directed to an online store. Spotify asks for a small fee and then lets for listen to as much music as they have. Nokia has a similar service.

KryKey from what I see is in a different area of music streaming. One where there is more of a social aspect, a more personal aspect, a more localized aspect. Imagine if you took a Radio Station (FM Radio) and then put it on the Internet and made it easy to use by anyone anywhere and then made it very sociable.

Using any computer, a person can create their own web radio station and broadcast to others. Play music or podcasts, maybe do a live show from a party, talk on the air, chat with their listeners, talk over the air with listeners, share what they broadcast with other web radio stations, invite friends to be DJs in the web radio station, and more. The listeners can be involved or passive. Social Web Radio is what it is. KryKey is "Social Web Radio".

With the imminent release of KryKey V2.0 current web radio station owners I have talked to express a real excitement on what they have seen is a complete 'redesign' and 'rebuild'.

Raya the Manager and part owner of Desert One Las Vegas, a web radio station on the KryKey Network and also one of the Top 10 most popular web radio stations said to me that "the new features in this version made us do a complete review of what we are offering and what we can offer in KV2. You will see us moving towards an even more Las Vegas centric program, but still keep a US wide view on trends and also we will be staying in the KryKey Artists Airplay Network where we will offer up to 10 hours per 24 hour period of Independent Artist music. But the new version we have seen gives us many more opportunities to be more social, more localized and I think also more personalized".

Jon a representative for London Web Radio said when I asked him about KV2, "we have tried to be more social and interactive with our listeners, and the new stuff in it helps us. I personally like the line-in option so you can plug in an external source. At a party, broadcast it! At an event, broadcast it! We have bought a small netbook and a wireless broadband service. What we are going to do is use the Netbook as our mobile Studio. We are going to send people out and using the second studio broadcast live. Brilliant and we can only do this using KryKey".

So KryKey Version 1.0 Beta had a small but hardcore set of early technological adopters that have realized what a cool thing this is and what it could be with some tweaks. The small 500+ web radio stations and their listeners on Version 1.0 where the pioneers and settlers of the new web radio world. Version 2.0 is what has come out of 4 months of Beta testing and listening to those who use it. The cool level is going up. It has even been able to keep the excitement and buzz.

I see a huge web radio wave coming and KryKey is positioning itself to be a major player. It maybe the odd one out and not like Pandora, Last FM and the others, but that is a really, really good thing!

Go to to find out what it is all about - create a web radio station or just listen to the web radio stations there. Version 2.0 is live 16th July 2009.

Doug Sanders

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