Sunday, 22 November 2009


We can now offer any business that has a broadband internet connection that is on 24/7, our ‘Business Music Streaming’ service from our KES Cloud.

With currently over 500 Playlists in a variety of types (Chill Out, Ambient, etc.), with more being added each month, KES can offer you a wide range of music to be streamed into your business.

Hotels can stream music into the Reception Area, the Pool Area and other areas as required. Our services start with the top ‘Platinum’ level with access to all playlists 24/7 for $49.99/mth, and we even have a special “Top 40 from the Cloud” which only past and present Top 40 playlists are on offer with new ones being added each month for an incredibly low $9.99/mth.

Music from the Cloud, it’s heavenly @

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