Saturday, 28 November 2009

Top 10 Most Played Songs on KryKey

This is the Top 10 most songs played on KryKey Personal Web Radio Network ( since going live. By the most we mean these songs overall have been played by the radio station on KryKey the most number of times since July 2009 when the new version of KryKey went live.
  1. Right Round - Flo Ride
  2. Might Sound Da Same - Tweeze
  3. Diamond Rings - Chipmunks
  4. What It Look Like - Just Will
  5. Slow Motion
  6. Evacute The Dance Floor - Cascada
  7. Respect - MC Ivo
  8. Beat Again - JLS
  9. La Que Pica - Alma Latina
  10. Bushwick Party - Just Will

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