Wednesday, 31 March 2010

KryKeySpot - Video Advert Competition 2010

Video Advert Competition
6th April 2010 - 6th May 2010

We call this contest KryKeySpot and with it you get the chance to show the world how amazing KryKey Web Radio truly is in your own video.

Starting on April 6th until May 6th we will be offering prizes to the winners that produce a great video advert (15 seconds to 30 seconds) for KryKey Web Radio. In fact we are offering for :
  • 1st place 5,000 shares,
  • 2nd place 2,500 shares
  • 3rd place 1,000 shares
These shares in the company are valued at US$8,500!!!

Better still we will also be offering 3 more prizes in the categories of
  • funniest,
  • most original,
  • best use of KryKey Web Radio
with each winner getting 2,500 shares.
That's a grand total of US$16,000 worth of shares!! (share certificates will be sent to the winners 3 days after judging finishes).

All entries will be judged by the people - that means we will be posting them on You Tube and we let the people decide the ones they like!

Send your video (video must be in HD (High Definition) advert to - entries close 6th May 2010 with all videos posted by the 8th of May 2010 and voting ends 15th May 2010.

Please send the following information with the email:
  • your name,
  • length of video,
  • what category,
  • if you own a KryKey Web Radio station it's name and
  • contact email address.
We look forward to receiving and viewing your KryKeySpot Video Advert.

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