Thursday, 15 April 2010

New York Web Radio Launch

New York Web Radio Launch
15th April 2010

The launch of New York Web Radio was a success yesterday (14th April 2010) with over 400 listeners tuning in over a 4 hour period. The internet radio station is current playing the latest US Top 20 hits of the week (it will be updated in 2 days) and sixteen songs about New York.

New York Web Radio is designated NYWR.FM, and it will be offering independent artists in New York the ability to have their music played to a large audience, and will also play the US Top 20 of the week, as well as other genres like Hip-Hop, R&B, Rock and it has even made a deal with the web radio station's Ashley's Country Hits to play their Top 10 Country Hits each week and 2nd Floor Basement's Top 10 each week.

They will also be offering advertising space on their radio station page at very reasonable prices and is also offering 10 second audio spots for only US$10 per week (played on average every 2 hours), and 15 second spot audio adverts for only US$12 per week
(played on average every 2 hours). Those paying for 2 months will get a 10% discount. Contact them via - that means the adverts will be played 12 times per 24 hour period, 84 times a week!

To listen to New York Web Radio, click here

New York Web Radio is on the KryKey Web Radio Network.

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