Wednesday, 26 May 2010

KryKey Internet Radio

KryKey Web Radio is now officially known as "KryKey Internet Radio" as the name change reflects its ongoing development in this area. As new changes are added every week now until the new version 3.0 is launched officially in September 2010, listeners and radio stations owners will notice the improvement of the service. Changes so far over the past couple of weeks have been:
  • streaming quality increased to 256Kbps which is the best on the internet
  • music order in the Studio
  • the 'share' music option is now unchecked as default in the upload process
  • the removal of the KryKey Header on all radio station pages
  • text changes on the front page
  • powered by (logo) on all radio station pages
What's coming is:
  • display banner adverts on all radio station pages with revenue shared with radio station owners
  • audio advert insertion on radio stations with revenue shared with the radio station owners
  • a new library in the Studio that will let the radio station DJs stream content from other sources
  • navigation in libraries and in playlist creation changed and improved
  • the Facebook "I Like" button added to all radio station pages
  • more translated languages of the site including Greek, Portuguese and Russian
This is only some of the things that are being changed and added to KryKey Internet Radio which will continue to make it the number one radio station service on the internet all over the planet.

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