Friday, 21 May 2010

Make Money With A KryKey Web Radio Station

Make Money With A KryKey Web Radio Station
22nd of May 2010

Making money with a KryKey Web Radio station will become a reality over the next couple of months as three new features will be added.

Already announced is a display advertising system that will be implemented (this was reported in a previous blog on the 17th of May 2010 - click here to read it) on the main pages of KryKey Web Radio.

First on all of the radio station pages at the top is the yellow & blue header of KryKey Web Radio. This will be removed and in it's place will be two advertising banners as seen in the partial screen shot below.
The radio stations will then be able to share the revenue earned by these adverts, so the more listeners the radio station gets on their page, the more revenue the radio station owner will receive. The radio station owner will even be able to find their own advertisers and place these adverts in the two slots at the top and also share the revenue gained by them.

Second the implementation of audio adverts being injected into the broadcasting streams will offer another way each radio station can earn money. These audio adverts will be injected without destroying the quality of the broadcast. The radio stations stream will be halted while the advert is played and then restarted from the same position. It is planned that audio adverts will only be inserted every 15 minutes.

The display adverts will be added by the categories Country, State and City. The audio adverts will be added on a more complex system that takes into account what is playing and the location of the listener.

Third there will also be another way each radio station can earn money and that is with the sales of MP3s. The new player will have a 'buy now' button placed next to the song that is playing for listeners to then click and buy the song from an online music store which will be working with KryKey Web Radio. Of course it will be very important that each radio station makes sure that the songs information is correct.

The addition of mobile phone applications and gaming console applications will also increase the availability of each radio station. Now is the time all radio stations should start increasing their listener numbers before all these revenue features are implemented.

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