Thursday, 20 May 2010

The New Look Has Started

Radio Station owners have seen small changes inside the Studio over the past couple of weeks and now the Front Page has also had some small cosmetic changes, some you can see and some you cant. The most obvious is the logo change from the version 2.0 logo to the new 3.0 version as well as the text addition that now says "Internet radio".

The "Store" link has been removed for the time being until the new online store has been completed. This online Store will not only sell merchandise for any radio station that requires it, but also will sell independent artists music in MP3 format.

The text on the front page remains for now as it is but a link has been added with the text "(Studio Example)" which is linked to a page that displays the Studio inside each radio station so people can see one. We have decided that this will also be added on the create web radio station page.

Each week the new ranking are calculated and the order of all the logos on the left of the page are arranged. The title above these has now been modified to simply "Popular Web Radio Stations".

The last cosmetic change was the change of title for those radio stations playing independent music. It used to read "KryKey Artist Airplay Network", but now reads "Independent Music Web Radio Stations".

Most are small changes for now as we move towards the new 3.0 version for KryKey Web Radio.

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