Monday, 21 June 2010

Adding Your Radio Station To Search Engines

Adding your radio station to the main search engines, Google and Bing will help people find your radio station when searching for one to listen to. We currently only recommend Google and Bing as they are the biggest search engines (Bing is about to acquire Yahoo search).

For each Search Engine site the process is very easy.

For Google :

* go to
* type in the URL (with http:// in the beginning)
* type in the security code as shown

For Bing :

* go to
* type in the characters required for security
* type in your radio station address (make sure you have http:// at the start of the address)

Now for KryKey Internet Radio Stations it is no good adding the standard address shown at the top of the page. The main reason is it does not have any of the Metatags that are for your radio station. What we recommend is you buy a domain name and then have it 'forwarded' to the KryKey address. When this is being done also make sure you have 'masking' on and then you can add the correct 'title', the correct 'description' and the correct 'keywords', which are all required by any search engine. The cheapest domains are .info which cost around US$2.00 depending on your domain manager, the a .com is around U$15.00 and a .fm is US$75.00. Every so often KryKey Internet Radio offers FREE .info domains with masking, filling out the metatags and one email address so look out for when this happens. All domains are always for only one year and then they have to be paid again.

Please note: KryKey Internet Radio also offers two services which you can use to see how your radio station is running. One is we graph weekly listener numbers and add a trendline. This graph is sent to your email address each week. The fee is $US$5.00 per month. The second is web analytics for your radio station page which would be emailed to you weekly and the fee is US$10.00 per month. All fees to be paid via PayPal.

Please note: We also recommend you create a Twitter account and when you add a link (always best to use to shorten your address) to your radio station add search terms such as #KryKey #webradio #internetradio #radio #music #nowplaying

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  1. Yeah, that’s a good search engine. And I also use Think it is also not bad enough