Friday, 18 June 2010

Advertising Implementation Schedule

KryKey Internet Radio will start implementing it's new advertising system on July 1st 2010 on all radio stations. Every radio station should have this up and running over the next 2 weeks after the start.

Some radio stations will notice that there will be no advertising at all as their country will not be covered, but this is expected to change by the end of the year as advertising companies are found to cover their country.

Each radio station that has advertising will be given 25% of the gross amount (this is after all costs associated with running the radio station including paying for royalties if required in their country).

As more visitors to their radio station and listeners increases, the more money the radio station will recieve. All payments to radio stations will be via PayPal 'only'. There will be no exceptions. No PayPal account means no payment.

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