Thursday, 10 June 2010

Use KryKey For Your Hotel

Music is always played in hotels & motels wherever you go throughout the world and what better way to offer your hotel customers a great selection of music is by creating a radio station on KryKey Internet Radio and broadcasting it throughout the hotel.

Besides music that can be played, adverts and promos can also be recorded and added between the songs that are played.

If that isn't enough, announcements can be made by using the 'live' talk' feature with a microphone connected.

If you have more than one hotel/motel then the same music can be played in all of them and it can be controlled by the main office.

Of course there is an alternative to creating your own radio station and then having to upload and select music to play and its called KES - which is available at - this is a Business Music Streaming Service (paid monthly subscription) in which there are hundreds of pre-created playlists with more added all the time so you never have to decide what to upload and play. (KES is looking for representatives in all countries -

So hotel and motel owners now have a great way to play music and otehr information without the hassle of CD players and wondering what to play with KryKey Internet Radio (and KES).

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