Wednesday, 14 July 2010

KryKey v3.0 Part 5

So far we have discussed and reported on three of the new features in the KryKey 3.0 Version currently under development; Show Recorder, Studio Messenger, SoundCloud Library and the 'Chat Room'. Today we discuss the new Mobile Phone App.
  • Mobile Phone App - KryKey will soon be untethered from a computer with the introduction in the next version of the Mobile Phone App for phones using the Android, Blackberry, Windows 7, Web OS, Symbian and iPhone operating systems. With the change over from Flash to Silverlight the KryKey site will be available through any mobile browser for any mobile phone to access and use. A new mobile phone web site located at will let people search and listen to any of the radio stations on KryKey. For the mobile site each radio station will have a it's own unique address, so for example the radio station Red Babe will have a 'mobile' address of as this will make it easier for anyone to enter into their mobile phone browser to go directly to the radio station. The site will have a search page and from that a person can then go to a selected radio station page. On the radio station page will be the Player with an integrated chat room. People can save up to 10 radio stations as their favorites and this will be accessed by a click of a button. All navigation and selection will us the now familiar touch.

If you are a radio station owner and have feedback on the Mobile Phone App, please contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

Please note: all ideas and concepts
are the copyright of KryKey (c) 2010

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