Thursday, 12 August 2010

Record Audience For The KryKey CEO Show

Wednesday night saw the 4th "KryKey CEO Show" which started at 23:30 GMT broadcast on the KryKey Internet Radio Station. Audience numbers increased again from the previous show from 216 to 301.

Last night the Head of Technology & Development for KryKey was also in the Chat Room answering questions about the new version of KryKey now being developed.

This week's giveaways and winners were:
  • KryKey Gym Bag - won by Giannis in Crete (Greece)
  • KryKey Fridge Magnet - won by Raya in USA
  • Red Babe T-Shirt - won by Therese in USA
  • KryKey Dog Shirt - won by Doug in Australia
  • DSL Radio Gym Bag - won by Lisa in UK
  • Red Babe Gym Bag - won by Victor in Russia
The 5th "KryKey CEO Show" will be held on the 18th (next Wednesday) starting at 23:30 GMT and finishing at 02:30 GMT with more giveaways planned.
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