Friday, 8 October 2010

Get Listeners Earn Shares

Get Listeners Earn Shares
8th October 2010

We will be offering any KryKey Web Radio Station Owner 20 shares in the company if they have more than 2,000+ listeners per month (minimum of 500 listeners per week).

That's right! If your radio station has 2,000+ listeners for the month we will send you 20 shares in the company. If you have 2,000+ listeners the next month, you get another 20 shares!
Of course we have automated software to make sure no one is cheating and you actually do get these listeners - Each listener must listen to at least one song.
When the number is verified, we will send out a signed document by the Directors of the company issuing the shares - those who are sent these shares must give their full name and address.
Offer starts October 1st 2010 and will be reviewed on 31st December 2010.

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