Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday Night Unsigned Band Night

Friday Night Unsigned Band Night

Kashaw Radio is proud to bring you the Friday Unsigned Band Night, our first of the station. We have had a fantastic response since announcing this last week, so before I continue I would like to say a massive thank you to you all.

The Show kicks off at 21:00 UK time and will continue indefinitely,
(Basically until we run out of tracks)
Join Us For The Build Up From 09:30 UK Time

Joining us on the show and in no particular order is

The Hit Ups are a hectic 5 piece based between London and Bristol, Rapidly Gaining infamy for their rawkus, sweaty, engaging live show they recently released their double track, Unforgivable / 66sexy for free download. The tracks are about party's, girls, drinks, party's, death, werewolves, disco, mistakes, train wrecks, party's, skulls and skeletons! It was recorded in the highly renowned ‘State of art’ studios Bristol which has recently seen the like of Portishead, Beak and The Horrors.

Described as ‘Spooked out - Electronic - Party-core -Rock ’n’ Roll’ The Hit Ups Style of mutated Indy Electro Rock has been Making an impact on Indy venues around the country.

Currently back in the studio recording their currently untitled extended EP keep your eyes peeled for the party-core takeover!

  • Peri Scope
Periscope is Martin Swinny , a solo project currently writing and recording debut album. In the past he formed his first band THE HUNGRY SOX, whos members included :
Mani- [Stone roses, Primal Scream] on bass
Clint Boon-[Inspiral Carpets] on keys
Chris Goodwin- [ the High, Electronic] on drums
Martin-guitar and vocals

Later played drums with the Inspiral Carpets [ before GILLY ]

Martin also played with various bands after that. THE WAKE, HEAD and THE BIRDROOM

  • John Herring
Raised on an estate in Salford, in a household where music from Bacharach and David to Tchaikovsky was played it is safe to say that John's influences have been many and varied. He spent his early years destroying turntables through overplaying and by the age of 11 decided that the equally destructive tuba should be the next piece of musical kit to master. After 5 years and a realisation that the tuba wasn't where contemporary music was at John picked up the bass guitar, but three years later moved onto the acoustic guitar and began writing music.
John’s music is influenced by his early classical upbringing whereby strings and piano make a regular appearance on his tracks yet many musicians who John has worked with on his new album, ‘Tales From a Northern City’ use words like – Honest, Organic and Earthy to describe the sound he creates.


  • Shaun T Hunter
he possesses a unique vocal delivery and writes the most memorable of tunes - while i would put his lyrical prowess on a par with dylan. a very rare, special and individual talent...perhaps the first true original of this millenium? CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY
...hunters songwriting genius continues to be one of lifes best kept secrets, noted as not just a writer of songs but mini operas, a hidden gem of an album that shouldn't remain hidden any longer....LIVEWIRE

...seems to be worth listening to every second of its existance, the level of awesomeness it fits into its life is quite astonishing...MAVERICK MAGAZINE

'Nuff Said...

  • Missed You At The Show
Inspired by the likes of BiffyClyro, The Killers and Paramore, this upbeat act writes simple songs with catchy melodies and interesting lyrics. The music is a fast strumming acoustic guitar, piano, solid bass and steady drum beat, setting a strong foundation for Canadian singer Mike Poplawski. The Summer of 2010 saw them fly down to Mallorca Spain to work with producer Antoni Noguera, known for his work with L.A. (Universal)



  • 3Hour Week
3hour week are an exciting new indie band from Lincolnshire. They first unleashed their energetic indie set to a festival audience in the summer of 2010. Since then, they have taken their local music scene by storm, and are beginning to make a name for themselves in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire areas. 3hour week's upbeat music is an original blend of disco beats, driving bass lines, relentless riffage and catchy vocal hooks, that encapsulate the audience. Their style has been likened to that of big names such as Foals, Bloc Party, Two Door Cinema Club and Drive by argument. The Four Piece consist of Dave Gough on rhythm guitar and vocals, Ross Simpson on Bass, Synth, Keys and vocals, Danny Richardson on Lead guitar and Jack Simpson on Drums. Big things are on the horizon for this band in 2011 with a mini tour of Camden Town and return to the studio already scheduled for January, so watch this space!

To find out more and get a feel for their music visit

Should be a cracking show!!
Come and tune in folks. It will be a blast!!
Show Starts @ 21:00 UK Time
Join Us For The Build Up From 09:30 UK Time

Wanna be on the show? Just add us and you can be part of KaShaw Radio

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