Wednesday, 1 December 2010

KryKey on Android Phones & Tablets

KryKey On Android Phones & Tablets
2nd December 2010
It is easy to listen to any Radio Station on on a mobile phone or tablet which is running the operating system Android 2.2.
No need for a special app as you can go to the site ( and search/select a radio station and listen to its show. You an even enter the radio stations chat room and chat to the fans.

Unlike Apple's iPhone, all Android devices running the 2.2 or higher version of the operating system has full access to all aspects on the site.

It is not only phones that can play what is on the radio station, Samsung's Galaxy Tab (7" Tablet) can also play any of the radio stations.

Below are photos sent in by KryKey Radio Station listeners of them listening to their favourite radio station.

Red Babe on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (above)
2nd Floor Basement on a Motorola Droid-X (above)
Oz Radio on a Samsung Galaxy S (above)

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