Saturday, 12 February 2011

FREE Web Site With Your Radio Station

In a move that again moves KryKey Web Radio ahead of the competition, we are offering all our radio stations a FREE web site that has their radio station page embedded into it. We already buy a domain name for free, and now this step completes the circle.

So what do you get? Well you get all this:
  • maximum of three pages - front page, news (this will be your blog if you have one) and the radio station page
  • domain name if you already haven't got one -
  • one email address - this can be automatically forwarded to your own email address or you can check it online
  • creation of the header for each page (max 1000 pixels x 200 pixels)
  • Google Analytics is added to your pages and a weekly report is emailed to you
  • Web Page width is a maximum of 1000 pixels
  • Metatags on all pages
  • Addition to Bing & Google search engines
What will we need off you?:
  • the background of the radio station page is still your responsibility and can be changed in the Studio's Administration section
  • specify the width (max 1000 pixels)
  • you must supply all information and details on this you want as well as a logo for your banner/header
  • supply and text that is to be put on any home page and any graphics
  • supply and Facebook feed or Twitter feed code if you want them added
  • supply Blog address to add to news page
And as a bonus page if you have a store inside the KryKey store, we will add this page as well.

We have created a one page web site for London Web Radio, and you can see it by going to Please contact KryKey Web Radio via their Facebook page if you would like to do this and for any questions you may have

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