Friday, 18 March 2011

New Costs & Fees for Extras on

Due to time constraints, but mainly the lack of appreciation by some, KryKey will as of today NOT be offering 'free' domain names, 'free' web sites, 'free' graphic artwork (logos, backgrounds, etc).
  • .info - will cost US$4.00 (1st year) : email address with 1Gb mailbox included : pointed to radio station page will cost US$0.50 per month paid for one year
  • web site design and creation - will cost US$50.00
  • web site hosting - one year is US$5.00 per month paid for one year in advance
  • graphic artwork - logos US$20.00 / radio station background US$20.00 / other US$20.00 each
Other domains are available and the costs are :
  • .fm - US$80.00 per year
  • .com - US$15,00 per year
  • .org - US$15.00 per year
  • .net - US$15.00 per year
  • other domain prices on request
The creation and use of a KryKey radio station is FREE

Increase in Song File Size Upload is :
  • from 13Mb to 25Mb - US$20.00 per year
  • from 25Mb to 50Mb - US$30.00 per year
  • from 30Mb to 140Mb - US$50.00 per year

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