Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Publishing a Paper.li for your KryKey Radio Station

KryKey has it's own "KryKey Web Radio Daily News" using www.Paper.li and we have found it useful, so maybe your radio station can also use it for keeping people informed. It can even be embedded in your web site. Below is all about it, and if you have any questions just ask us.

Publishing a Paper.li

Which Paper.li is for me?

There are four types of Twitter account based papers a user can create, and one Facebook account based. The audience of your paper, or the use of your paper, is going to influence the type of paper you create.

1. Account Based Paper : a paper created on your Twitter account

This paper is generated from the content of your account; content tweeted by yourself and that of the people you follow. It provides you with a comprehensive overview of your timeline and who you follow. The newspaper layout is convenient, and provides you with news you find relevant based on the trusted network of users that you follow.

The Navigation Bar at the top of your paper highlights the focus of your content for that paper. The word Headlines will always remain, but the other key words can change, based on the focus of the content flowing over your twitter account. As your followers change the focus of their tweets, the focus of your paper will change as well.

You can edit this paper title of your paper, schedule the update time, and opt to promote your paper, (or not) all under settings.

2. Hashtag based Paper : a paper based on a #tag you want to follow

The #tag is a convention created by Twitter users in order to reference a subject in a tweet. Anyone can use them, and no one owns them. Anyone can create a paper based on a #tag , however these papers “belong” to the community and are cannot be owned by one person. They can be used by paper.li to sweep through all public timelines and filter out the specific tweets indicated by the #. These papers are excellent for transient events such as conferences, current events, or commonly referred to topics or trends. 

If you want to create a #tag focused paper, you choose the second field of the create a paper screen. If that #tag paper has already been created and you try to create the same one, the paper.li engine will point you automatically to that paper.

This paper will not appear under your setting and you cannot edit the title of the paper, nor can you control the publishing schedule. NOTE: If you would like to “own” a paper based on a hash tag so that you can edit the title, see Custom Paper below.

3. User List Paper : a paper based from a twitter user list

A number of Twitter users create lists to partition their friends and those they follow into meaningful topics for them. If you are a list user, then you have the ability to create papers for a specific audience. This is particularly interesting for users who would like to create papers with a common focus and who have a certain audience in mind e.g. health, beach, to name just a few.

A user list can also be set-up to populate a paper with content from only one user. Users tweet to their own list and use that list to publish their paper. This provides an additional branding element to your paper. You can create a paper based on a user list by choosing the third field of create a paper screen when you log-in.

A few examples are finance, and mobilechannel news . Additionally, there are some users that set up a series of papers , such as Alltop, alltop social , alltop tech , alltop cycle.Editing your Daily Title, scheduling times and promoting your paper are all included with this option. You can create multiple papers , for multiple lists.

4. Create a Custom Newspaper : advanced options for customized Twitter newspapers

This option is for users who would have a very specific ideas about their paper and who would like more control over the focus of their paper. 

Paper Focus : Advanced queries

Paper Focus allows users to creates a paper based on a focus, with your “Paper Contributor” field left at “All Twitter Users”. Your focus can be one word up to a more complex Twitter query. We suggest that before you create your paper, try your search query using Twitter Advanced Search option. We generally find that if your query works here, it will also work when you create a paper.

Additionally, and optionally, you can attribute a user list to your paper focus. Example: Your paper focus is Climate, and you only want contributions to this paper from people on a specific user list you have made. You select “Only people on this Twitter List” from the field “Paper Contributors”.

Paper Focus : #Tag

Here users have the possibility to create a #tag focused paper that they can call their own. Unlike the common #tag paper, this content from this #tag paper will come from your Twitter account, or a specified user list. This paper will be listed under your papers, and you will be able to edit this paper’s title, set the language and promote as you wish.

5. Facebook based papers:

Last but not least, papers based upon Facebook accounts. This paper allows users the ability to create a paper based on simple search terms. These papers are created on public posts. At this time we cannot search specific pages and create papers, but we are listening to our user base and what they would like to evolve this paper.

We hope you find this helpful. For additional information on publishing, visit the Features section on our blog.

Good publishing!

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