Saturday, 12 March 2011

KryKey Web Radio Stations are now being added to - each radio station owner will get an email over the next few days with sign in details where they can adjust/add/change the radio station information.

Just like the screen shot above for the London Web Radio entry on StreamFinder, each radio station can add the following to it:
  • radio station logo
  • description of what the radio station is and plays
  • web site address
  • facebook address
  • twitter address
  • my space address
  • location - city and country
  • streaming quality - please set to maximum which is 256K (although all KryKey radio stations are capable of streaming at 320K)
  • station tags - these are words that people might search for to find a radio station
  • and you can embed the code of the player (embed code was sent to each radio station owner when they created a KryKey Radio Station in the attached document)
We advise you take you time and do all this correctly so people can find your radio station - if you need help please contact KryKey.

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