Monday, 28 March 2011

To All Radio Station Owners : Studio Libraries

To All Radio Station Owners

This week we will be restricting the use of the podcast library as people are continuing to add 'songs' to it. As in our 'terms & conditions' state, that all songs must be added/uploaded to the music library of each radio station. The reasons for this are many, but here are the major ones:
  • we can track what songs are being uploaded - this is a legal requirement so we can remove any song upon request
  • radio station statistics are on songs not podcasts
  • listeners using the search feature on the web site can search for a song and then get a list of radio stations playing that song - the search looks at the music libraries NOT the podcast library
Radio stations can upload songs to a maximum of 12Mb (larger sizes are available upon request and paying a fee) and each song requires the following tags (tags can be added/changed using iTunes, Media Player etc) : song title, artist name, year, genre and album. These tags are required for legal reasons and also helps listeners find what they want to hear.

As of April 30th we will be REMOVING any song in any podcast library, so now is the time to start moving them to your music library.

When the new version goes live we will NOT be moving songs from podcast libraries.

Also we suggest you 'search' the main music library for songs before you upload as there are thousands of songs in there that have been shared by other radio stations.

If you have audio adverts uplaod to your advert library.
If you have promos/drops upload to your promo library
These are all colour coded so you can see them easily in the play area. It has been designed as a broadcast system not a jukebox, so it has multiple libraries for specific reasons.

KryKey Internet Radio is a FREE service and we would like you to abide by our limited obligations 

thank you
CEO of

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