Saturday, 23 April 2011

How To Tag Your Songs

How To Tag Your Songs
Radio Stations on KryKey need to tag their songs before they upload them into the music library (note: songs uploaded into the podcast library will be deleted). 

The tags that are required are:
  • song name
  • artist name
  • album name
  • genre
  • year
There are many reasons for this tagging, but two that directly effect the radio station is that when someone uses the 'search' page, they can look for a song or artist being played. If the songs are tagged correctly, then the person will find the radio stations playing the song or the artist. The second reason is the details are displayed on the radio stations player.

You can use a program like Tag&Rename for example, but there is a really easy and simple way it can be done.

If you are using Windows, just right click the song and select 'properties' and then select the 'details' tab (see picture below):
Then all you have to do is select the field you want to change and type in the correct information. After you have finished click 'apply' and then 'ok' and it is done. Simple!

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