Wednesday, 8 June 2011

KryKey the Alpha Version

Not many people have seen the KryKey the Alpha Version which debuted in February 2009. Quickly we got a strong uptake and soon found out limitations to the system, in design and implementation by the development team which was based in Hyderabad India.
the original front page in its alpha form (above)
What we had was 'bicycle mechanics' working on a Ferrari and as such we had a whole lot of problems. The developers were out of their depth. In fact they were drowning!. It soon became apparent that the success of the project depended on moving the development from India to another country and another development team. As you can see from the design of the front page it was just awful. The Studio was the same and it was very difficult to do anything. Deleting songs was a nightmare. Moving them up and down in the play area was tedious. The Studio is seen below in this screen shot.
the original Studio in alpha form (above)
the music library of the radio station (below)

The radio station page, as you can see below was also limited, and to listen you had to click the 'listen now' button and a page would popup (see screen shot after the one below)
the original radio station page in alpha form (above)
and the page that popped out to hear the stream (below)
So, we moved the development to Eastern Europe and the current version you now see or use was born! This time the screens and flow I did was carried out and we have a much better system. Of course things could still be better.

The result with the development in India was the whole project is 18 months behind schedule, and of course wasted money spent on it, But we learnt a lot form outsourcing the development, to limitations of the technology and developers at the time.

The new version, designated 3.0 or KryKey 3, is currently under development, with more features, better design, the move away from Flash and of course the all important phone apps. Some things from the Alpha version will return, such as bulk uploads and the ability to edit the tag information on the songs.  Some people have seen the screen shots of the new Studio and the new player and they have all given it the thumbs up. 2011 it will be released.

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