Friday, 8 July 2011

Attention Station Owners: We have "Awesome" news for you all

Attention Station Owners: We have "Awesome" news for you all
8th July 2011

We love it that you have taken the time to make a great radio station here with us at KryKey Web Radio. We know you all work very hard at putting on great entertainment for your listener base and we know they love you to or they wouldn't be listening. The question a lot of you ask is this all there is or is there a way that I can make money doing what I love.

Well Today we are announcing an "AWESOME" new way for to get more out of you stations. We are now going to allow you to sell advertising space to businesses, bands or even someone who is just looking to promote themselves. Yes now you can make money with your stations, we are not say a fortune, but enough to help pays your bills if you do it right.

This is something new here for us but we think it will be Awesome for you all. While you need to get the advertisers for your stations we will do the work of creating ad ad for you if we have to, Most companies already have art work they already use and would like for you to incorporate it in along with the link to there site they want it pointed at. So in those cases your job is easy but there are the mom & pop businesses who don't have this luxury so this is where you will need to get some art work for them & the link they ad the people who click on the ads to go to like their website or maybe their social pages they use for business.

NO, YOU DON'T HAVE TO MAKE THE AD UNLESS YOU WANT TO AND CAN because we will be here to help get that done and then get up on your site so you can make money.

Q: What sizes ads are we allowed to offer?
A : The ad sizes and prices are the following :

  • 728 x 90 Large Banner Ad and it costs $200 USD per Month
  • 468 x 60 Small Banner Ad and it costs $100 USD per Month
  • 235 x 100 Box Ad and it costs $60 USD per Month
  • 235 x 90 Box Ad and it costs $50 USD per Month

Of this money for the ad you will get to keep 80% of the money and we at KryKey will get 20% this covers us on the work & time we need to put in to get them up.and some cases coded right for your clients. And if you think about it it is not a lot of money we will be making from this as you can see most of the money is yours.

These ads will be displayed prominently on your home page ( if you have a site made - we can create a one page site for you for US$25.00 with your own domain name and email address - see details after this) &/or your player page so they will always be in the view of your listeners. So when you get an advertiser send us the art work,link they want ad to go to, along with size of ad you need and a confirmation from PayPal the 20% fee for the ad & we will get it up ASAP. No Money No Ad Sorry.

Now remember advertisers need to know what benefit they are going to be getting from you and your station. This is a big thing with them so you will have to be prepared with a lot of your station facts such as worldwide rank, rank in your genre in world & rank in your country as well as how many listeners you have on average per day/ week. As well as who we are and our stats are the following: 3,000+ radio stations all across the planet and over 800,000 listeners to those radio stations. Your radio station stats can be found in the Admin  section (reports) of your Studio, and these can be added to a spreadsheet and turned into a graph like the one below and you can use this is selling your ads and you should be ok and remember it is hard work to get people to spend money on advertising but if you show them the value and show them that if even 1 person buys from the ad it almost pays for itself.

DSL Radio Station Weekly Listener Numbers with a Trendline

We hope this helps as we have already had some great feedback from some stations already who say advertisers are always asking them how they can advertise on their stations and how they can make money on this. Well here you go. Good luck everyone we hope you like this "Awesome" news.

KryKey : web radio just got personal

That's right, web radio has just got personal with - local and personalized where you can broadcast to your local community, town, city or even the world. KryKey supplies you with the standard radio station page, which you can change the colors and background to suit your tastes, but what is more "awesome" is KryKey is now offering for only a US$25 fee your own radio station site designed with the adverts you can procure added to it. This way it looks professional and you make $$$$$$.

So what do you get for your one off fee of US$25.00?
  • one page web site designed - colors as you like with your logo in the header
  • your radio station page integrated into it
  • links to you Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites
  • adverts you procure: see sizes above in post
  • one email address with a 1Gb mailbox
  • domain name (example
  • if you don't have a blog we can create one to match for an extra US$5 and have it linked from you web site

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