Sunday, 7 August 2011

Can KryKey Slow Down Your Computer?

We had a radio station ask us if while he was the Studio is it possible for 'KryKey' to slow down the computer. The simple answer is no

As it is used through a browser, speed and responsiveness relies on the persons connection and the browser used. 
  • Chrome is not recommended as it not only doesn't work with KryKey properly, but other sites as well. 
  • Firefox works well, but in the latest versions the browser seems to eat up more of the computers memory and CPU cycles, and has an impact on your computer. Some add-ons also make this worse. 
  • IE also works well, but the latest version 9 also has the same problems as Firefox in using more memory and CPU cycles.
We at KryKey use Firefox v5 and have disabled all the add-ons and this seems to be the best browser for using the Studio.

We also advise you to always get the latest version of 'Flash' for your browser as Adobe is always updating it to make it better and use less resources, plus make it more secure.

WE have also used the Studio on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and have had no 'speed' problems.

If you have any questions, please send them to and we will answer them within a few hours. God questions like the one above will be posted with an answer on this blog.


  1. We @ DSL Radio have never had an issue with Systems slowing down using KryKey Radio Studio... Clear Your Browse Cache... 2much porn and youtube slowing you up.

  2. We at Social Network Radio haven't had issues either as a matter of fact we haven't had issues with Chrome either. As long as you clear your cache frequently everyting works fine.

  3. We havent had any major issues with the current studio and we only use Google Chrome. We dont trust IE anymore, and I dont run Firefox on my home desktop. I agree...clear the cache and it should run just fine...

  4. A listener should not have to adapt to your site by using a particular browser YOU need to get your act today. First step, dump ASP. Have you noticed that nobody else uses it for anything they want to be reliable?