Saturday, 3 September 2011

Radio Station Deactivated For Repeated Copyright Infringements

Radio Station Deactivated For Repeated Copyright Infringements
3rd September 2011

In our Terms of Service it states that each radio station is responsible for their content. The reason is KryKey has radio stations in just about all countries on the planet and it is impossible with the limited resources we have to organize with copyright owners deals that would permit all content to be streamed in each country.

So in good faith we on requests by copyright owners and artists, either remove any content that has been uploaded by radio stations or ask them to remove it. So for example if a music company in the USA asks a US radio station to remove songs from their playlist and also sends us a request, we make sure it is done. If they just ask the radio station and we don't know, then we can't help in this process. On Friday one such request was sent to a radio station in the USA and they complied with removing those songs. The radio station also informed us and we removed any of those songs that had been shared and were in the main music library.

Today we took the drastic step of deactivating a radio station, cancelling their domain name, removing them from the store and also deleting their web site as we have as a request by the artists management team, asking the radio station to remove all songs by this artist. They have repeatedly ignored our requests. This was drastic last step after many attempts to resolve the problem.

Again, KryKey takes seriously any request by any copyright holder in any country about any radio station in that country infringing on copyright.

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