Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Use KryKey For Your School

Use KryKey For Your School

Schools have a great opportunity to have their own radio station and use it for a variety of ways, here are some suggestions:
  • the students can be involved and run or operate the radio station and learn a variety of skills such as organization, media, marketing & promotion, self confidence, team work, music, business skills
  • it can be used to inform students and parents what is happening at the school with the ability to create 'news', 'podcasts' and 'promos'
  • embed it into the schools web page
  • use it for school functions
  • sell advertising space on it to create revenue

When I was at school we had a radio station that played before school, at lunchtimes and after school and was very popular with those involved and the who listened (in fact it is now an internet radio station on KryKey - 8DH Net Radio) - although this was broadcast over the internal PA system and involved a lot of equipment, now it can be broadcast not only through the school but globally.

The possibilities are endless . . . . .

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