Friday, 6 January 2012

The KryKey Weekly Top 10

The KryKey Weekly Top 10
6th January 2012

It was decided that in 2012 we would not be posting the Top 10 radio stations every week as we did in the last 2 years due to problems associated with the rankings. Without going into it, the rankings on the front page of KryKey will soon be removed in a redesign, but can be accessed and seen by a tab which will be added to the front page.

Many of the Top radio stations have already 'opted out' of the rankings, including Red Babe, Music Pleyer Radio, London Web Radio, Oz Radio, and New York Web Radio due to the problems associated with the rankings last year. Several more including Dmnarc Radio is also now considering the move to also 'opt out'.

If anyone wants to compile the Top 10 each week and email us the information, we will post on this blog, but otherwise we wont be doing any work on this. (they can email to info AT KryKey DOT com)


  1. How can i improve my ranking? how is that determined?
    Ruthless Propaganda Radio

    1. Caut DJ pentru un Radio Online! Cine se ofera e liber sa o faca! Nu am cerinte - Doar sa se ocupe frumos de radio!