Monday, 19 March 2012

Complete Internet Radio Stations For Sale

Complete Internet Radio Stations For Sale
16th March 2012

KryKey is creating Radio Stations for sale which will have everything the budding radio station owner would need to make it successful. When you buy one of these radio stations all you have to do is change the owners name and location and add music/podcasts - thats it - so what do you get?
  • Radio Station Web Site
  • Domain Name
  • Email address (1Gb box)
  • Radio Station
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Twitter account
  • Google+ Page (and account with Gmail)
  • Weekly Stats
  • Blog
  • added to,,
  • added to Bing and Google search engines
  • Promo Library loaded with over 20 promos/drops
  • Facebook Player (also can be used for Flash enabled Mobiles devices like those running Android) 
  • and you get a KryKey t-shirt
Currently we have these new internet radio stations for sale -
Existing Internet Radio Stations for sale -
  • Global Charts Internet Radio -
    (is over one year old and the owners in Iceland do not have the time anymore) 
Coming this week -
  • Coast 2 Coast FM -
  • Gospel Web Radio - (only available through Donny B of B93 FM Tha Hits)

Currently you can go through one of KryKey Internet Radio Authorized Agents to buy one of these radio stations -

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  1. Are any of these stations still for sale?

    Are they just turnkey stations, where the owner or program director has to add the music?

    And what are the asking prices for any of the above stations?

  2. About two months ago, my best friend introduced me to Palm Beach broadcasting’s 97.9 WRMF and that has been my # 1 radio station ever since. I’m always locked on 97.9 WRMF for the best variety of 80’s, 90’s and today’s music. Check them out

  3. Want to be on the RADIO?? Now you have a great opportunity to have your voice and/or music be heard ALL OVER THE WORLD!!

    Fully functional Internet Radio Station for Sale!

    This station is fully equipped with all studio equipment (earphones, mics, console, phone panel, etc.) needed for live/interactive broadcasting. EVERYTHING you need to be on the air with a press of a button!
    Added Bonus! ....Beautifully designed interior, furniture for waiting room, conference room, fully equipped kitchen!

    Call or text : 972-559-4102 serious inquiries only please!

  4. call me im interested in starting a station apart of my 5 reality shows going to 3 networks contact me and let me know please and can i use my own call letters and such its needs to be done asap

  5. send pictures of everything to im very interested A.S.A.P.

  6. I am planing to set up a Internet radio for Kids in India what do I need to do

  7. I see no contact for the owner of this blog.
    I have tried to contact the sites for sale, don´t work

    I´m interested in an internet radio station..

  8. whats the price? kindly some one update it pls?

  9. We build, promote, and sell existing radio stations! We currently have these stations for sale: ($16,000) ($1199) ($1199) ($1199) ($1199)* ($1599) ($1199) ($1199) ($1199) ($1199)* ($3799) ($1199) ($2,499) ($1199)

    Each station has brought in Minimum $250-$5,000 per month.

    Monthly maintenance is under $75-$99 per month.

    You receive : domain, website access to update your content/contact details, marketing tools to promote your clients effectively, and a list of websites we've used to generate income from companies who shop for advertising and artist promotional campaigns.

    We're running a new promotion this month. Receive free social media promotion for 1 year with the purchase of any station.

    1. Choose The Station
    2. Sign "Sale of Business" Contract
    3. Make Payment & We Transfer Accounts To Your Website Host
    4. Receive Your "Guide To Success" Packet (Step-By-Step Guide To Promoting Your Station)

    Literally Easy As 1-2-3! Our Company Has Sold Over 13 Stations In The Last 3 Months!

    1. Your a joke your stations dont work they are all 403 if you sold these you are a con artist. have a look at a real station with real listeners and real advertisers

  10. I would love more information if it's still available! Please email me at thebudgetdiva@rocketmail.Com Thank you!!