Thursday, 5 April 2012

2nd Floor Basement

In 2009, 2nd Floor Basement Productions co-founders Desmond Johnson and Caleb Falls decided to create a free streaming internet radio station designed for hip-hop listeners. The format would consist of no commercials, no DJ's, just the best hip-hop music ever.  Originally starting out as a classic station only, 2nd Floor Basement Radio has grown into the premiere spot for indie artists from North Carolina and as far away as London, England.  You are guaranteed to hear the best of the best, uncut, unedited 24 hrs a day. We play the newest tracks that haven't touched mainstream yet, so you can hear what's "next".  We play classic hip-hop so you don't forget where this all started from. And we play indie hip-hop, the most out of anyone out there in the area (we checked) because we feel indies are the backbone of the industry, always have been and always will be!  Submit material for consideration of airplay to Tracks MUST be in mp3 format, with title of track, year of track, artists on track and name of album or mixtape.   Don't forget to find us on Facebook under 2nd Floor Basement Radio and follow us on twitter at @2ndfloorradio!!! Lets go!!!!

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