Saturday, 3 November 2012

Every Musician Can Be A Radio Station

Every Musician Can Be A Radio Station
3rd October 2012

UNIR1 Records has been over the last several months offering Musicians the ability to have their own radio station, which includes a web site and has their social media feeds, including their blog and a live calendar! 

The musicians were the first to take up UNIR1 records offer: - you can see it is playing their music in a high quality 320K, has all the their social media feeds and has a chat-room to interact with fans. The Musician can also talk live to their fans, have them call in and talk over the 'air' and broadcast live from any show they want.

Each radio station is powered by KryKey Internet Radio.

In an keynote address at midem’s Visionary Monday, the musician Lang Lang talked about his engagement with his fans particularly with social media. In an interview just before the address he said “I think today, every musician be kind of a radio station using the myriad online tools now on offer to them. Just one or two sentences can make a huge difference to an artist’s fans". 

Taking control of their own content by having a radio station to broadcast their music, keeping fans in touch with social media is the future for all Musicians. 

Any Musician interested in their own 'global' radio station with web site and all social media feeds can contact UNIR1 Records at

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