Friday, 1 March 2013

How Much Can You Outsource?

How Much Can You Outsource?
1st March 2013

We have all heard about it, and its been common practice for many, many years, it is 'outsourcing'. Low wage countries have taken advantage of the West's appetite to consume at a low cost with total disregard to job losses in their own countries. Call Centers have boomed in places like India which have a good educated and English speaking work force.

KryKey has also outsourced many of its operations: servers in the EU, development engineers in Eastern Europe, help and support in India, management in Australia, advertising in the US, and all this is to be efficient in its costs and services while maintaining a high standard. In May 2013 all Social Media activities (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Myspace, Pinterest,  etc) will be outsourced.

To lower the costs even more the company has also decided to outsource Dave KryKey! Yes, Dave KryKey is being outsourced to India this year. 

Will he now be known as Vijay KryKey?

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