Monday, 1 April 2013

New Premium Streaming Service by KryKey

KryKey is offering a very exclusive radio streaming service using KryKey technologies, called KryKey Premium, and will have apps for iOS and Android, and a very low radio-to-server-ratio making sure no stream issues are brought on by too many radio stations streaming and too many listeners tuning into them.

The service will stream from KryKey's premium domain - www.KryKey.FM

  • To join you must first contact KryKey with a request, which would include your name, location (city/country), current radio station name, and if radio station is on KryKey it's ID number (the ones in the station's address). 
  • You will then be sent a membership invoice for US$30.00 - once paid, we will create a radio station on the service and then email you the sign in details
  • On the last day of each month you will be sent an invoice for the next months US$25 Studio Access Fee 
KryKey FM members have other privileges over the KryKey COM radio stations, and some of these are:
  • iOS/Android : member's radio station can be accessed via an iOS and Android devices
  • Unlimited : member's radio stations can have unlimited listeners via PC's or mobile devices / unlimited library space / unlimited bandwidth
  • Help/Support : member only email address direct to KryKey support staff which will always be answered before requests by our normal support service / Facebook group which help and support issues will be addressed / 
  • Streaming Quality : no issues from this service (outside factors out of our control)
  • KryKey Email : your-radio-station-name@KryKey.FM (and .com) forwarded to an email address of your choice
  • KryKey 3 : members will be the first to move to the new version of KryKey weeks before anyone else
  • Enhanced Site : free design & hosting of an enhanced radio station web site with free .info domain
We will be adding more benefits over the 2013 year.
To start, email KryKey Premium : premium (at) KryKey (dot) com

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