Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Why Tune Into Your Radio Station?

Anybody can stream music from a number of music streaming services like Pandora or Spotify or Rdio or Rhapsody, and on any device at anytime, so why would they "tune" into your radio station? 

You need to offer what other music streaming services, we call them jukebox services and 'not' radio, don't or can't offer.

We have all read lots lately on the increasing importance of "music curation", or what radio pros call "programming", for these music jukeboxes services. Jon Maples, who's VP of product-content at musis service Rhapsody,  has shared some of what his company has learned about how music programming impacts customer usage. Beyond solving what Maples calls "the catalog problem" for the user ("What do I listen to?"), good music curation can help maintain an audience by minimizing "churn." So there is one advantage you have immediately, you or your stations hosts are the "music curators". Your listeners can just listen while you select the music.

Lots of people have streamed from one of these jukebox services and what they all have in common is the sound quality. Although it sounds good, once you listen to music being streamed by YOUR (KryKey powered) radio station at 320K+, the difference is like AM and FM. This is your next advantage, 320K streaming quality.

Human contact is becoming an issue, as more and more people seek this, while the world gets more and more impersonal as it digitizes. Your radio station can offer this with you and or your hosts talking between songs, talking to your listeners using the call DJ button or even via the radio station's chat room. This is another advantage you have over the other music streaming services. 

Your Radio station can be a community, while the other streamings services cannot. The word "community" is derived from the Old French communité which is derived from the Latin communitas (com, "with/together" + munus, "gift"), a broad term for fellowship or organized society. Communities can be the ones you know of like tutoring, hospitals, sports and your radio station.

Your programming should involve as much live shows as possible, someone in the driving seat, spinning the music, talking, interacting with your listeners - your listerns are human and not machines - your radio station has a human driving it, unlike the other streaming services which are driven by machines.

Also this is importnat - When your not having live shows, make sure the playlist is short and you change it often - keep it fresh!

Do this and when people find your radio station, they will stay and listen and come back for more and recommend you via their social media.

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