Saturday, 23 November 2013

To All Bounty Hunters

To All Bounty Hunters
With Shoutcast rumored to be closing in December 2013 (AOL is getting rid of other web based services it acquired in the 90’s and early 2000’s, even WinAmp is on the chopping block, to concentrate on its core services), somewhere around 55,000 of their customers will be looking for an alternative option. Even if a buyout is made of Shoutcast, some of their customers may feel its time to leave.
KryKey is the perfect option for them : they can use their own software as they do with Shoutcast, or use the in-house Studio. Bandwidth, listeners and even streaming hours are “unlimited”! KryKey also offers a full web site, domain name and that all important 320K quality that existing Shoutcast users can only dream about.
And how much is all this (and more)? A highly competitive price of US$25 per month (with a yearly US$30 membership fee). That is a US$75 saving per month by using KryKey instead of Shoutcast.
Currently the stream is ‘only’ from a flash based player, but by Jan 2014 the streams will be available on iOS, BB, WP, Android and even feature phones.
If you help a Shoutcast user to move to KryKey, then we will pay you a bounty of US$10 - AND - the new KryKey user will get the first month free! (membership required).
Go to CLICK HERE and sign up via our online PayPal service.

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