Saturday, 28 February 2009

Australian Rock Net Radio playing Aussie Rock n Roll

The foundations of rock 'n' roll in Australia were laid during the Second World War when American servicemen brought the "jumpin' jive" of artists like Louis Jordan to Australia. The other basic component of rock 'n' roll, country "hillbilly" music, was already well established here in Australia. When the two came together in the mid-1950s, the new music quickly found an Australian audience and performers. The trigger was Bill Haley's performance of Rock around the Clock. Performers Allan Dale and the house rockers, Johnny OKeefe and the Dee Jays performed in the sytyle of Bill Haley and the Comets, Allan Dale was more a big band singer with a sophisticated and tuneful style but Johnny O'Keefe was where Australian Rock N Roll, raw and brash started forging it's roots playing in rough, brawling pubs and county towns.

My father now in his 60's is still a big JOK fan, but loves what it became. Lets jump a Generation I'm in my early forties and I grew up with Rose Tattoo and Angry Anderson, Angus Young and Australia's favourites AC /DC who are almost single handedly responsible for Australian rock & roll today. The sight of Angus sitting on top of Bon Scott's shoulders wrestling with is guitar is a sight burned into the Australian music lover's psyche and what Australian Rock n Roll has evolved into and how it will always be remembered.

Australian Rock Net Radio is a tribute the legends of Australian Rock and Roll. Tune in, and enjoy the best Rock n Roll in the world from the Land Down Under.

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(written by Big Stu, Australian Rock Net Radio, Perth, Australia)

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