Tuesday, 3 March 2009

What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas! Well Not Now!

Las Vegas. Located in the state of Nevada in the USA. The gambling capital of the world and 24 hour playground. It is also known as Sin City. For many years now it has been said that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." But now that has all changed with the 24 hour availability of radio via the internet. It doesn't stay in Vegas anymore, but is broadcast worldwide via the KryKey Personal Web Radio site across the world wide web. There are current several personal web radio stations on KryKey playing music from the club dance beat to the chillout of the lounge. Today we spotlight some of those on KryKey Personal Web Radio here.

Club World, plays the music of the night clubs with a rotation of its music weekly and has a Playlist that includes all those great numbers you hear while out dancing rhe night away when your in Vegas. Run by a local Las Vegas company, Angelina Promotions, a Personal Event Planner, this personal web radio station is one of the best as they know Vegas like no other. Check out the music and check out their site and when in Vegas, take one of their VIP clubbing nights and you wont be disappointed. http://www.KryKey.com/prs/Club_World

That's The 70's, is a Personal Web Radio station that only plays music from 1970 to 1979. Hundreds of sings played for you to relive those times or lose yourself in the times of the 70's. You can listen to this great PRS at http://www.KryKey.com/prs/Thats_The_70s

That's The 80's, is the sister Personal Web Radio station of "That's The 70's" and like it's sister, it also plays hundreds songs from a particular time period, in this case 1980 to 1989. Some great music came from this period and to hear it go to http://www.KryKey.com/prs/Thats_The_80s

Dumpster Radio. Web Radio that is fast and hard playing Industrial music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For Industrial music it is http://www.KryKey.com/prs/Dumpster_Music

San Francisco Lounge, is a strange name for a Personal Web Radio station in Las Vegas, but once you hear the chillout tunes it plays one is right at home in its ambient and soothing melodys. You can hear them at http://www.KryKey.com/prs/San_Francisco_Lounge

Desert One plays the latest Top 40 that is on the Billboard charts and is also run by the girls from APC located in the heart of Vegas. http://www.KryKey.com/prs/Desert_One

SkratchWerks Radio is the freestyling playing Personal Web Radio station with thr latest in rap and hip-hop at http://www.KryKey.com/prs/SkratchWerks_Radio

The sevvo Zone is one of the latest Personal Web Radio stations on KryKey Personal Web Radio which plays Trance music and can be heard at http://www.KryKey.com/prs/The_sevvo_Zone

So check them out, listen to what they have to offer and it might just be that "Whats Happens in Vegas, Doesn't Always Stay in Vegas".

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