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The Broadcast – 3rd May 2009

A KryKey Personal Web Radio newsletter
3rd May 2009 - v01090503

Things are moving along with the new redevelopment of KryKey and testing will begin in a few weeks. The new version is 1,000% better than the beta version currently being used. Screen shots will be posted on the Facebook web group tomorrow of the new version so check them out. While talking about Facebook, please join the KryKey Fan page and the group Several other PRS now have Fan pages on there, such as WCUT Radio and London Web Radio – if you need help to create one for you, please let us know. This newsletter is in a different format to what we have been sending out before, we have adjusted it as per your comments as we are always listening. We are always looking for more articles to put in here, so if you can write, send one in. As you will see from the Top 10 PRS, not much changed from the week before, Desert One has moved up as more people are listening to the independent music it is playing. Until next week . . . .

Top 10 KryKey Personal Web Radio Stations for week ending 2nd May 2009

  1. WCUT Radio - located in New York, USA - last week's position was 1
  2. Stackpaper Ent Radio - located in New York USA - last week's position was 2
  3. Red Babe - located in Minsk, Belarus - last week's position was 3
  4. The Sevvo Zone - located in Las Vegas, USA - last week's position was 4
  5. The Jam 95 - located in Washington, USA - last week's position was 5
  6. Orient - located in Sofia, Bulgaria - last week's position was 6
  7. MMfm - located in Paris, France - last week's position was 7
  8. Desert One - located in Las Vegas, USA - - last week's position was 9
  9. Discover Twaang - located in Staffenstop, Sweden - last week's position was 8
  10. TopPopHits - located in Sofia, Bulgaria - last week's positon was 10

Radio Rebelde

In February 1958, Che Guevara, a leading revolutionary in Cuba, set up Radio Rebelde, to help the cause of the July 26th movement. Led by Fidel Castro, this movement had been encamped in the hills of east Cuba, the Sierra Maestra, fighting a guerrilla war against the Cuban army forces of General Fulgencio Batista, the Cuban Dictator. This war had been waged since December 1956.

(read the full article by WezG at

6 Parties, 5 Countries, 1 KryKey Web Radio Station

Six parties where held simultaneous around the world, one in Las Vegas, one in London, one in Sydney, one in Cairo, one in Paris and one in San Francisco, listening and dancing to one KryKey Personal Web Radio station, Red Babe in Minsk Belarus

(read the full article at


With the decision of not to add audio adverts to all the radio station streams, we now need donations to help keep KryKey running for the foreseeable future. The alternative is we start adding audio adverts to all web radio streams. If you want to donate, be it $5 or more, please click the link below to help. Thanks. [CLICK HERE TO DONATE]

KryKey Personal Web Radio Station Announcements

  • Red Babe – updated Playlist today with the latest Top 20 from the US and the Top 20 from the UK
  • Desert One – added new independent music from Odio A and updated the Top 15 US songs
  • London Web Radio – new music from BenSim an indie-pop band and also updated the Top 20 UK hits
  • Dutch Top 40 – the new Top 40 from Holland
  • WezG – listen to the new mix called "Beautiful Stranger"
  • WCUT Radio – independent hip-hop and R&B from New York


  • Can you tell everyone you know about KryKey? We need to increase the traffic rate and you can help!
  • Facebook Fan Page is only at 106 – we want it to go to 150 by the end of the week, please join and then invite you friends [click here]
  • Facebook Web Group is close to 300, help us get over this mark, please join and invite your friends [click here]
  • T-Shirt winners will be sent their t-shirts this week, emails have been sent out to those who have been randomly chosen that joined the Facebook fan page AND web group.

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