Sunday, 31 May 2009

KryKey Web Radio 4 Your Business

One innovative way that KryKey Web Radio is being used is by businesses to promote themselves, their products and their services. Some businesses are also using KryKey Web Radio to play on location for their customers, although a better solution to stream music into their business is using KES (

Caldera Cafe Bar Restaurant is one of those businesses that has taken this service and used it by recording the music played at their Sunday parties by local DJs and then playing this music on their web radio station. I am told they also plan to record promos and information to also play. [click here for their web radio]

One feature in KryKey Web Radio is the ability to upload promotions, news and adverts in MP3 format and then play these between music tracks. A good example of these is London Web Radio [click here] which has promos for the web radio station and also by artists introducing their music. Desert One in Las Vegas [click here] also uses promos for artists to introduce their music.

We also mentioned earlier in this series of Blogs not only businesses can promote themselves, but also DJs and artists.

Check them out and if you need ehlp please do not hestitate to ask as we are here 24/7 to help.

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