Tuesday, 7 July 2009

KryKey V2.0 - Broadcast Live Shows and Music

Broadcasting "live" to web radio listeners has never been so easy using KryKey Personal Web Radio Version 2.0 (KV2). Just plug in from a mixer or external source, and select the 'line in button' as seen in the screen shot below, and that is it - you would be broadcasting using an external source.
On Sunday the 5th of July 2009 was the first test to see if this new feature added to the redesigned and upgraded Studio in KryKey Personal Web Radio would function as it was designed - and the result was a huge success, where we were able to plug in a mixer that was being used at a party by a DJ and then broadcast him playing for 3 hours. You can see this is the photo below which shows the laptop plugged in.

So not only can you talk 'live' by using the Microphone, but you can now also broadcast 'live' using this new 'line in' feature of KV2. Tomorrow we will discuss more new features in KV2.

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