Monday, 6 July 2009

KryKey V2.0 Studio - Overview

KryKey V2.0 Studio

The KryKey Personal Web Radio Station Studio has been completely redesigned and many new features have been added. First lets 'tour' the KryKeyStudio V2.0 :
  • The first row of 9 buttons are used to go to - 'Sound Library', 'Upload Songs', 'Playlists', 'Podcasts', 'Promos', 'Adverts', 'News', 'Administration', and 'Logout'.
  • The4 large silver buttons are for 'Play' (to play the music, etc), 'Stop', 'Mic' (the DJ can talk over the air) and 'Line In' (you can now plug in an external source to broadcast from).
  • The clock displays the time which is taken from the computer, the second display is the elapsed time the DJ has been in the Studio, the 3rd display is the number of listeners the web radio station has at that moment and finally the volume control for inside the Studio.
  • There are 3 colored bars - red for the last track played, green for the track that is playing and yellow for the next track to play.
  • Below all of the above is what we call the 'Play/Scheduler Area' (PSA) which displays the track information, date/time for scheduling, and then to the right are 7 tabs which when clicked slide to the left and these tabs have all the content for the PSA. At the bottom of the PSA is the Chat & Text Window which when clicked slides up and this is where the DJ can Chat to the people visiting the web radio stations page.
  • Below the PSA is the display that tells when the track starts, a progress bar of the track playing, a display for the time remaining of the current Playlist, the total nuber of minutes for the hour, elapsed time of the track, remaining time of the track, the speaker button for the Studio, Call button so the DJ can talk to people (voice) over the air, and 'Clear List' for removing items in the PSA.
The other main difference between the first version and version 2.0 is also everything is "drag n drop" which will make managing the web radio station a simpler affair. There are also many more features in the new KryKey V2.0 Studio and we plan to add other features in the future.

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