Friday, 12 March 2010

KryKey Web Radio Sound Effects

One feature in every KryKey Web Radio Studio is the ability to add 'sound effects' to what is playing via the 'sound effects' tab on the right hand side. There is currently over 500 sound effects available and by the start of the next week another 200 will be added, as well as some music/sound samples that are used for cell/mobile phones.

This is one feature that is great to use as it gives another dimension to what is playing. For example on radio station adds the sound effect of a 'tuning FM radio' between play lists so it sounds like a normal terrestrial radio and someone tuning the dial to get a new program.

Of course any radio station can add their own to the Podcast Library if they cant find what they are looking for in the Sound Effects Library. With nearly 1,000 Sound Effects by the start of the next month, there should be no problems in finding something to use.

KryKey Web Radio

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