Friday, 14 May 2010

KryKey Web Radio Changes

KryKey Web Radio - Those who own a radio station will have noticed small changes over the past week and we plan to have have more over the next few weeks as we start the development on the next version, and we plan to implement some of these new features that are going into the next version into the existing version (2.0). This new version designated 3.0 will have substantial changes to the Studio with new improved features, mobile apps, new libraries and much more. Our development team is situated in Las Vegas USA and is staffed by the some great people who have developed major systems in the USA.

KryKey Web Radio stations will become a focal hub for streaming content, like for example music from many sources and we even plan to add the ability for video streaming!.We are also moving away from Adobe Flash to the better quality MS Silverlight and will incorporate HTML5.

As we add these new features we will keep you informed here on this Blog.

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