Saturday, 15 May 2010

Using Twitter For Your KryKey Web Radio Station

Using Twitter For Your KryKey Web Radio Station

The power of Twitter for your KryKey Web Radio Station is today's subject. Does it work? How do I use it? are the two most common questions we get at KryKey Web Radio from our radio station owners.

First of all it does work if used correctly, and by correctly we mean adding the correct 'search terms' to each Tweet and of course not using it so much as to spam people. So here are some of our helpful suggestions to help you use Twitter and get more people to listen to your radio station.

  • when you add your 'Tweet' you should also add 'search terms' that will make it easier for people to read you Tweet. For example if you go to Twitter and in the search box put in #webradio what will be displayed is all the Tweets from everyone that has added that 'search term'. So if you have a Hip-Hop radio station you should always add #hiphop to your Tweet. If you are in New York how about adding #NewYork. Here are some of the 'search terms' we suggest you should add - #webradio #internetradio #music #nowplaying - optional 'search terms' are your location (i.e. #newyork for example), genre (i.e #hiphop #r&b #top40)
Of course you only have 140 characters to add all this, your radio station name, your radio station link and your message. 
When you add your radio station link remove the http:// and that will save you 7 characters - you can also use the service from Tiny URL which helps you shorten the address to a smaller number of characters (example this address which is 45 characters can be shortened to which is only 25 characters, a saving of 20!).
You will soon see people starting to 'follow' you, and dont forget if it is relevent you should 'follow' them back.
To 'follow' KryKey Web Radio you can find us at
We hope this has helped you. If you find Twitter has helped you, then leave a comment here to tell others reading this how it has.

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