Saturday, 5 June 2010

Use KryKey For Your DJ Mixes

Your a DJ and you want people to hear your mixes to show the world what you can do? A KryKey Internet Radio Station is perfect for this. DJ's can upload their mixes and have them played 24/7. Go to and you can see some great DJ's on there already doing just that! Wez G in the UK has all his playing for your enjoyment (click here to listen). So does DJ Jem from the island of Crete (click here to listen), And there are many more! But that's not all you can do! How about broadcasting live? Yes its simple to do with a KryKey Internet Radio station! Use your laptop with a mobile internet connection and plug the mixer in and in the Studio use the 'line-in' or 'mic' button and broadcast as you play.

Use it to play live and promote your music!

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